Friday, 31 July 2015

The Training Room

I'm so excited to announce that on monday I am moving to London to start my journey to become a Personal Trainer with The Training RoomOver the next month The Training Room will be turning my fitness passion into a career, as they put me through my paces to become a fully qualified PT. I will be taking part in their 
6 week fast track, level 3, Personal Trainer Diploma Course in the heart of Camden.  At the end of the 6 weeks I will graduate as a fully qualified PT, Spin/Studio Cycling, Circuits and a Gym Based Boxing Trainer, with a certificate in Sports Nutrition...I don't think it's sunk in yet! 

So many of us would love to turn our fitness passions into a career but don't really know how or where to start... It has always been a dream of mine and now thanks to The Training Room its becoming a reality! I'm so excited and nervous but can't wait to start! I will be doing open Q/A's throughout my course, so if you have any questions about the course or becoming a PT, now's your chance! Leave your questions below and you can also follow my journey over on Instagram (@Lovaine_) and stay tuned as I will be documenting my course from start to finish. Here's a little sneak peek of what my first week will include...wish me luck!

Thursday, 30 July 2015


Recently I was invited to celebrate the launch of Core Collective - A new fitness destination in the heart of Kensington, at their exclusive bloggers event. We were invited to test drive their 3 signature classes, followed by a post workout brunch, where we got to sample their in house juice bar and food menu.

From stepping into the gym the first thing you will notice is the beautiful, clean aesthetics, I'd compare it to that feeling you get when you have just stepped into a luxury spa - you get that instant wave of calmness wash over you and then when you meet Heloise - the face behind Core Collective, you feel like you've just stepped into a home away from home! Heloise makes you feel effortlessly welcome and you defiantly forget the main reason why you are work out! 

Our morning was split into 3 workout tasters, giving us a sample of the different elements core offers... and let me just tell you now the idea of a taster doesn't quite cut it for the workouts the trainers put us through!

We started out with an Accelerate Class run by the head PT James. Described as "A straight-up spin cycling. Low impact, high energy spinning for 45 minutes. Soundtrack and instructors to match" I can honestly say that before doing the Accelerate session, spin classes have been something I have ALWAYS avoided, so I was defiantly nervous stepping onto the bike! It was a completely different workout to what I'm used to but I loved it! We left the class dripping with sweat, trying to keep our legs from buckling under our body weight (not even trying to sugar coat it, it was tough!)

We then went onto a Resistance Class "A 45 minute TRX session where stamina meets strength. work your whole body with hundreds of exercises" If you follow me on Instagram (@Lovaine_) you know TRX is one of my favourite workouts to do, and the class was by far the best TRX session I've been put through! Even if they did make us do 3 sets of deep TRX jump squats...the pain was defiantly worth it!

We then moved to the Velocity Class "A 45 minute high intensity, athletic interval training, with fitness, function and flexibility" If you are going to try any class at Core I would recommend this one! I absolutely love circuits and I always believe you can last through any workout station for 60 seconds no matter how hard it is, because its only 60 seconds right? I always make sure to hit my least favourite station first, that way you can always move onto the next one with a little confidence boost, as there is nothing worse than getting through the first 10 stations, going full speed and then getting to your least favourite one when your already tired, so my advice? get it out the way first! I also loved the group element of this class, working in pairs really helped having the person next to to you pushing you through! I teamed up with my workout partner in crime Flo from @swift_eats.

After the session we all headed upstairs to the dinning room/lounge area, where an amazing healthy brunch spread was laid out for us, consisting of super smoothies, protein pancakes and yummy fruit salads. The perfect after workout treat! I've been to so many gyms and tested such a variety of different classes, that sometimes it's hard to separate them apart but we defiantly all left Core Collective with a new favourite fitness temple! 

Want to try it out for yourself? head over to 
and sign up for your first FREE class!

Emilie Layla Lovaine

PureGym Playlist

When I go to the gym, and even more when I'm setting off for a run, one thing I can't leave my house without is my headphones and latest playlist ready to get me through my workout. My friends at Pure Gym recently got in touch to let me know about their: Pure Gym Playlist Competition, giving you the chance to WIN:
  • First prize: Maxi Nutrition bundle worth £500
  • Second prize: Fitbit Zip and a £100 voucher for Sweatshop
  • Third prize: Fitbit Zip and a £100 voucher for Sweatshop       
So I thought it would be fun to show you what I'm currently listening to, to help get me through my workouts! When it comes to my workout playlist it's defiantly very different to the music I enjoy in my spare time or compared to the music you need in a high intensity class. Being a musician I listen to a lot of heavier style rock bands, but when it comes hitting the gym in my own time my music taste couldn't be anymore different! My gym music tends to be quite calm, with a steady beat, especially if I know I'm going to be hitting one of the running machines or stair masters, I like my music to have a nice rhythm that I can pace along with and keep me relaxed, and this playlist defiantly does that! 

What do you guys like listening to? Head over to and show them what gets you through your workouts!

Monday, 25 May 2015


Last month I was invited to an exclusive preview of thisisADAY- Split between two cities, London and New York, even from first glance you realise that this is not just your ordinary fitness brand. Described as 'Slick clothes for the active women - where design meets preformance' the collection has taken the Sports Lux trend that we have seen across the runways and high street, and re-created it into their own functional fitness line.

For someone like me that lives in gym wear, thisisADAY is defiantly what my wardrobe has been waiting for! A collection that can transition with you in and outside of the gym, effortlessly easy, with a classic colour palette and fresh undertones of soft shades of dusty blues and complimenting fabrics.

Not only will this collection appeal to the fitness and health consumer but it will also fall into a girls everyday wardrobe essentials. Launching on our shores in just 3 days, head over to sign up for an exclusive look at the debut collection and shop it before anyone else! You can also enter to WIN a holiday to NYC and London, and not to mention FREE thisisADAY Kit. What are you waiting for?

Emilie Layla Lovaine

Emilie Layla Lovaine - LOVAINE

Monday, 11 May 2015

NaturalCycles X Angels Belly

Last Sunday I was invited to the Angel's Belly Brunch Club for an Ashtanga Yoga session, followed by an educational women's wellness and hormone talk from Nutritional Naturopath Gillian Day, as we joined together to celebrate the launch of the worlds first natural contraceptive app, and learn a little more about the science behind NaturalCycles(Keep reading to Win a NaturalCycles Kit and 6 month subscription below)

For someone like me, who suffers with hormone issues and has struggled with the typical types of contraception methods, when I heard about NaturalCycles it defiantly seemed like the answer to my prayers!

As many of you may know, I suffer with a condition called Endometriosis and I've tried a variety of contraceptive methods to help ease my symptoms, as in some cases using a synthetic hormone can give you some relief, and of course more importantly - stop you getting pregnant.  Sadly for me I have had little joy with the Pill, and not only did it not help in reducing my endometriosis symptoms, it also brought along it's on bundle of side effects.. which may sound familiar to some of you if you are on the Pill.

Some symptoms include: Headaches, Dizziness, Nausea & Sickness, Acne, Mood Swings, Cravings, Spotting, weight gain... as we went round the room, the list continued to grow as we heard from different women and their experiences. 

I have personally never be convinced by the use of synthetic hormones, especially when girls as young as 11 can be prescribed them when their body is still developing. The thought of halting your bodies natural process has never sat well with me, I only tried the pill for 3 months when I was younger, after being suggested it by my doctor to help balance my hormones rather than using it simply for birth control, but as it gave me no relief I felt no need to continue on it, especially as we have things like condoms available, which have no negative effect on your body or hormones.

I do see why the pill is such a popular birth control method, it's easier for a guy to ask if you are on the pill than them having to worry about contraception, the pill is seen as the 'safest' and easiest way to stay protected, and the responsibility tends to fall more on us Women, but when you come across something like NaturalCycles, that gives you the knowledge and power to learn about your body and understand the science behind the process - its a great tool to really educate both yourself and your partner, rather than blocking your bodies natural function with synthetic hormones.

So how does it work? 

The menstrual cycle consists of three phases: the pre-ovulatory phase, the ovulatory phase and the post-ovulatory phase. The cycle begins with the first day of menstrual bleeding (M) and takes on average 29 days. The individual cycle length can however vary greatly from woman to woman. The pre-ovulatory (follicular) phase is estrogen-rich and cooler than the post-ovulary (luteal) phase, where progesterone dominates and ‘warms’ the body. These two phases are separated by the ovulation day (O), where a temperature rise of 0.2-0.45 °C occurs. The fertile window ends with the ovulation day and begins 5 days before, since sperm can survive 2-5 days in the female body. Only during these ‘red’ days can the woman get pregnant through unprotected sexual intercourse. In addition, two days prior to ovulation, a surge in Luteinizing Hormones (LH) occur, indicating the most fertile days of the cycle.

Each woman has her own individual menstrual cycle pattern. The cycle length, the day ovulation occurs, the amplitude of the rise in temperature, the base temperature in the pre- and post-ovulatory phases and the overall shape of the temperature evolution throughout the cycle are all parameters that vary from woman to woman. NaturalCycles makes use of an intelligent algorithm that rapidly learns from previously recorded cycles from the same woman, to provide a tailor-made solution for each individual woman in order to detect and predict ovulation, and thus to identify, her fertile window. NaturalCycles also predicts the occurrence of the LH hormones to pinpoint the most fertile days. This optional, but powerful, feature of NaturalCycles enables to boost even further the accuracy of the fertile window.

The first thing most of us thought after being explained this was..why were we not taught this at school? especially when all you really need to measure your cycle is a thermometer! It seems crazy and I know your thinking it...a little to good to be true?! but I'm happy to say we are in safe hands!

NaturalCycles was started by Dr Elina Berglund and Dr Raoul Scherwitzl, both with a PHD in Physics and not forgetting that they both worked on a project that was awarded a Nobel Prize! The couple used there knowledge to create a method of contraception that worked for them, using the basic science of the human body, and then introduced it out to the rest of the world. The stats speak for themselves, with over 30'000 women using the Natural Cycles prevent plan, and not one recorded unplanned pregnancy to date! 

It was safe to say that we left the brunch feeling very inspired and more confident in our bodies, and empowered by what we had be taught throughout the day. We focused on NaturalCycles but we also covered our mind and nutrition, as all these elements work in harmony with keeping our hormones balanced. 

We started the day with a yoga session, where we focused on our mindset and well being, looking at yoga moves to help manage period pains and relaxation methods, followed by a feast of hormone happy food! I personally know how what I eat can have a massive effect on my monthly cycle and also flare up lots of unwanted hormone symptoms, like acne, vomiting and an extreme upset stomach, so I try to avoid all animal products, processed food, soy and dairy that cause my hormone levels to become unbalanced, so it was so exciting to sit down for a meal consisting of food I knew I could eat, and eat we did! Angel's Belly put on a spread of dairy and gluten free dishes, focusing on nourishment and keeping our hormones happy. The brunch spread was incredible and we all defiantly had more than 2 plates each! 

I met some truly beautiful Women throughout the day, and I felt so proud to have been included in the UK launch of Natural Cycles, focusing on educating and putting the female health first. 

I have just finished up my first week using my NaturalCycles app, I leave my thermometer by my bed so it's easy to remember to take my temperature in the morning, and thats really all you need to worry about!

Your be happy to hear that it is also half the price of your average monthly pill prescription - at only £5 a month! Without all the added nasty synthetic hormones.

I hope you've enjoyed learning about NaturalCycles as much as I have, and head here for more information I am also giving away a Natural Cycles kit and 6 month subscription :) If you would like to win and test it out  yourself - just comment below with your email address and I will pick one of you at the end of the May! Good luck x

Sunday, 3 May 2015

Tennis Tuesday

On Tuesday I was invited down to London by the British Tennis association, for the launch of #TennisTuesday with Nike, at Paddington Recreational grounds. Even though I am terrible (and I mean terrible) at Tennis I absolutely love it! Last year my boyfriend Jon and I treated ourselves to rackets, we spent a lot of time down at our local courts, loosing balls and laughing until our sides hurt haha. So I knew we were going to be in for a fun evening, especially with my friend Flo from @swift_eats at my side.

When we arrived we were greeted by the #TennisTuesday team and film crew, along with some pro tennis players and coaches, who were there to guide us through the session,  and of course a lovely group of the UK's top health and fitness bloggers. 

We were all handed a beautiful new Tennis kit, courtesy of Nike and then went straight into a 10 minute warm up, which consisted of some running drills, throwing and catching pair work, and a lot, and I mean a lot of laughing!

We then split into pairs, picked up our rackets, handfuls of tennis balls and headed to our courts to have a rally contest. Flo is pretty competitive, so I knew I actually had to dig deep, try not to laugh and focus on hitting the ball consistently back and forth for at least a few minutes. Well that was until I hit two on lookers with my balls, after that my main aim was to just simply get it over the net and not into someones head haha.  We had a coach by our side throughout, giving us pointers and working out what level we were at, helping us with our aim and positioning. It was actually really helpful, rather than me just swinging my racket with closed eyes and hoping for the best, I was learning to be more directional with my swings and also by the end have a pretty strong serve!

The aim of #TennisTuesday is to make Tennis more accessible for women across the UK this summer, making it a place to meet girls from all walks of life, with coaches at hand to help you progress in the sport, no matter your level. I really enjoyed the session as it was completely different to the type of exercise I normally do. It was refreshing to be outside, rather than in the gym, and also with a big group of girls, laughing hysterically! With #TennisTuesday now available at over 100 venues across the UK its such an easy and fun way to get active this summer!

To find out more about #TennisTuesday and book you and your girlfriends into a coaching session, head over to to find a court near you!

Emilie Layla Lovaine
Emilie Layla Lovaine - LOVAINE

Thursday, 30 April 2015


On Wednesday while I was in London I was invited down to the Free People AW/15 Press Day, so Flo from @Swift_Eats and I headed down for an early morning breakfast date, to check out the new collection. The Free People show room is like stepping into Aladdin's Cave, it reminded me of a Californian thrift shop, not to mention the beach side scent that hits you as soon as you enter the room, thanks to their custom candles scattered all around. The collection has a mixture of flowing, delicate fabrics complimented by the freshly picked flowers that seemed to be covering every spare surface. Flo and I were in love with the carefree, boho theme running throughout the collection, and we were already imagining them fitting into our next surf adventure! This collection is not meant for the city, if you own something from Free People it goes hand in hand with your suitcase and passport, and the rest is history.

Emilie Layla Lovaine
Emilie Layla Lovaine - LOVAINE